Voice, Sound, Movement and Meditation

Each performance is a ritual to co-create a field of intention and transformation with the audience ini order to return into the harmony with nature.

Sound link to concert in May 2017

The crane and the seal

A collaboration with a Norwegian story teller, Tiril Bryn.

This is a children performance where we use Norwegian and Japanese fairy tales, “crane woman” and “seal woman,” both of which are the stories of an animal becoming a woman.

Through words, sound and movement, we illuminate the remembrance within us, the time when we were once trees, flowers, birds, sea creatures, .... different living beings on this planet.


Children Performance

A duo project with  Ben Gerstein (trombone)

A musical journey in improvisation, exploring sound, movement and space. Influences of nature, musics from around the world, healing practices and multidisciplinary arts.

Ishindenshin (以心伝心) is a Japanese idiom which denotes the interpersonal communication through unspoken words and mutual understanding, between minds and hearts.

EPK (online portfolio)

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Films in nature


With Tove Bagge

A duo project with Tove Bagge (viola)

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